Monday, March 8, 2010

jamie's first day

today was jamie's first day at his new job. i haven't heard from him yet, but i hope he's having a great time! he got up early and packed his bag, and even took sophia on her morning walk. he did all of this in time for me to take his first day of work picture, and head off to his train.

since he's been gone sophia and i have had a very exciting day! (that is sarcasm if you didn't recognize it.) sophia got a bath, we cleaned the house, did yoga, and went on a walk exploring our neighborhood. here are few pictures of what we saw:

this is a french restaurant that is really good. a week or so ago they closed for a remodel, but the sign said they would reopen march 15. i was very relieved because i was wanting to take my mom there for the delicious french onion soup. however, today when sophie and i walked past, they changed the date to march 25!!! darn them.

this is a very tasty looking ice cream stand that i am hoping to visit soon.

sophia's favorite spot, the dog run. this dog run is filled with gravel, not grass, so poor sophia tore up her feet last friday playing fetch. we tried to let them heal this weekend but she wouldn't stop licking them, so we were forced to bandage them up. some of you may remember this look because she has done this before:

she looks like a suicide victim doesn't she? however, the bandages didn't stay on long. hopefully her feet will heal by wednesday, because that's little sophia's birthday!

p.s. most of these pictures were found on the internet, i did not take them. unfortunately i wasn't thinking while we were walking and so i didn't take any pictures.

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