Sunday, March 21, 2010

the last day of mom's visit

yesterday was a busy day! i thought after making my mom work most of her spring break, her last day she should have fun and see new york. we started out at central park, along with at least half of new york! it was a gorgeous day, which is really odd since there was a "blizzard" in oklahoma! as we walked we of course got hungry, so we stopped at the shake shack, which we heard was similar to in and out. people constantly tell jamie and me that, so i don't put much faith in it, but this really did seem pretty similar. i got the grilled cheese, and it was no where near as good as in and outs, but they also didn't put the shack sauce on it, so i think that had a lot to do with it. unlike in and out, the shack has LOTS of ice cream desserts: shakes (of course), sundaes, concretes, etc. we got a chocolate shake, and i really didn't like it. it was very cocoa-y, not smooth and milk chocolaty like in and out. but they had great fries! ANYWAY, moving on, we then went to rockefeller center, by way of radio city. we saw the ice skating rink, nbc studios, the whole shabang. then, while jamie waited out side very patiently, my mom and i went in the american girl store, for old times sake. it's become a crazy mega company since i was a kid! we then came home and took a nap and took the rest of the evening easy. i hope my mom enjoyed her time here, we really enjoyed having her!

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