Monday, March 29, 2010

exciting friday

so... as i mentioned earlier, my friend chris was in town this past friday playing a show. jamie and i went to it and it was really fun to see so many familiar faces. it seems nearly everyone i knew when i lived in florida is now living here in ny. but the most exciting part was that i got to meet one of my music heroes! most everyone who knows me knows that i love the counting crows, well, i love their old stuff at least. anyway, chris has become friends with adam duritz (the singer for counting crows) and when we walked back stage, who was sitting there??? adam himself! of course i played it completely cool, but i was stoked. apparently he is dating emmy rossum, and she was there too. (for those of you who don't know, she was the lead in the phantom of the opera movie). it was a pretty good night. unfortunately during the show i didn't have my camera (i left it back stage like an idiot), but chris' friend mike dubin was there taking pictures and he got some amazing shots! these are his photos. if you want to see more you can at
the rest of the weekend we laid low, it was cold and gross. last night however, i started a new project: decorating onesies. i'm hoping to do some embroidery, applique, etc. i did my first one last night and it turned out really cute. i'll post pics later.

here he is! adam and chris (i was sitting right next to chris btw. in touching distance if i were a crazy person!)

emmy and adam

it was a full house at the nokia theater in time square

john lefler (really cool picture, right?)

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