Thursday, March 11, 2010

the furniture is here!

today the baby's furniture arrived! we ordered it on monday, so that was pretty fast. i was so glad i was there when the ups guy came to deliver it. i'm sure you've all experienced the pain of trying to track down a package that you missed. i was actually walking sophia when he came, but i saw the ups truck and stalked it to find out where he was going. i was thrilled to find out he was headed to our house!
anyway, we ordered a crib and a dresser/changing table. they came in 2 separate boxes, and they are extremely heavy! i wanted so badly to go ahead an open them while jamie was at work, but i could get the boxes to budge! they are stuck in our hallway right now. i'm hoping (and begging) jamie to try to get them into the living room before bed tonight. cross your fingers.

here are the boxes. as you can tell, our hallway is tiny, so it was hard to even get a good picture!

this is a picture of the crib we ordered (of course we will have different bedding)

and the dresser/changing table.

i sincerely hope all the pieces are in the boxes and that nothing is broken. the crib box is kind of beat up and it rattles a bit when moved. hopefully tomorrow i will have pictures of at least one finished piece!

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