Tuesday, March 9, 2010

mobile in the making

i've looked and looked for a mobile for the baby's room. it's been hard to find the right thing. the few i found that i liked were over $100! i think that's ridiculous. so... i've decided to make my own. i had seen a few online made with an embroidery hoop, and i saw some little felt stuffed animals as well. i thought they would be fairly easy to make. and so i began:

this was my original inspiration. i saw it on an ad for twitter, i couldn't figure out who made them, or if they sold them though.

then i saw these on etsy by a little world i thought i could kind of combine the 2 ideas.

so this is how i started. i decided on a size (6") then i sketched out shapes of the animals i wanted. i decided on 2 birds, a lion (yes, that's a lion, i'm going to do the mane separate), an elephant, and a giraffe.

i used some scraps of fabrics i already had for one side, and felt for the other.

i began with the first bird.

here's what i've got so far. i couldn't make the lion because i need orange felt, so i'll make it soon.

and the opposite side.

turned out pretty good so far. i just need to find a craft store (which isn't easy here) to buy the embroidery hoop and some more felt and yarn. i'll keep you updated!

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